Business training

Date: October 7-8, 2019
Manager in the changing business reality. How to be a charismatic leader and motivate the people to follow you - training in the FUTURE SKILLS series.

International Business Institute


max. 12 people



The general outline of the training:

The FUTURE SKILLS training is not just another training for managers. This is the training for MANAGERS OF THE FUTURE. It is dedicated only to people who are strongly determined to personal improvement of competences of the future - necessary for the development of their own as well as an organization. For those who want to motivate and inspire others, while creating a new leadership qualitative road. For the brave. For those for whom others are following. For charismatic leaders. For you?

We provide expert knowledge in the field of management in an extremely accessible way, so that complex development tools seem to be a child’s play in the hands of our Participants.

We are capable to make every participant of our training come out with a great desire to apply the acquired knowledge immediately, here and now! Drawing on this huge benefits - both for your organization and for yourself.

We offer training in broadly understood personal development and leadership. Our trainings in the art of public speaking and self-presentation are very popular. Participants emerge underpinned, with confidence in their own abilities and are indeed ‘crazy enough to think that they are able to change the world. And they are the ones who can do it.’ Successfully!

After the training, you will present a completely new model of leadership in your environment. You will learn the tools necessary for the implementation of your and your subordinates’ vision of development. You will gain knowledge on how to unleash the potential and maximum commitment of your employees. By using coaching tools, you will develop their competences and gain their trust. Thanks to the implementation of ethical techniques of influence, you will achieve your goals as well as your team’s goals.

Training topics:

  • Play true - pretend to be honest - are you really you?
  • flexible management
  • communication master
    • uncontrolled control - verbal and non-verbal messages
    • manager = coach?
    • persuasion language + elevator pitch
  • self-presentation as a business communication tool
  • ‘I’m going my way’ - chosen techniques of exerting social influence
  • personal and team branding
  • manager in flow = / subliminal motivation
  • asapses, dedlines and other factions
  • change = chance? - reverse mentoring


Early bird* – 950 EUR

Regular price – 1200 EUR

*Price Early bird to 31.08.2019r.

Included in price:

  • 3 nights - accommodation in a 4-star hotel
  • basic meals (breakfast)
  • airport-hotel-airport transfer
  • 2 days of exclusive training for a selected group of participants
  • training materials + follow up
  • individual consultations with the trainer throughout the entire stay
  • after-training care
NOTE: Upon customer request, it is possible to arrange flights for an additional fee

Trainer's silhouette:

Aneta Gawlas – BBusiness Trainer and Coach (certification including Brainstorm Group, European Business Trainer & Coaching Clinic, Corporate Coach U), business practices. A long-time personal development trainer constantly improving her competence and transferring valuable tips to others.

From the beginning of her career she is a ‘rudder, sailor, ship’ for herself, she manages a group of several dozen people - coordinating their work and supporting their development. She specializes in improving the soft skills of employees at all levels - she is passionately observing the further path of her subordinates. She successfully modifies the image and mentality of managers of modern organizations, showing completely new development opportunities.

Since 2015 she is a lecturer at private universities in Poland in fields related to broadly understood management.

Organizational guardian of the training Aneta Gawlas tel. +48693626526 e-mail: